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Hello! Lets Get Started.


   I cannot wait to meet you! Our journey together will start when you book your first appointment, which can be done by clicking "BOOK NOW" above. Please note I do not offer haircut services with out a hair color or extension service. Due to high volumes of applications I may not reach out if the service you are applying for isn't something I offer.


  Your first visit will start with a thorough 10-15 minute consultation, we will cover both your short term and long term goals for your hair. We will then create a plan personalized just for you.

   Everything will be customized for you whether it is a hair color  or extension service.  Color formulations will also be personalized according to our plan and goal. Please enjoy snacks and drinks while relaxing with your color processing. Every detail of your appointment will be recorded in the computer so it is available at the next. 

   Whether you are getting a color or extension service, please come to the salon with dry, clean hair and styled as usual. All of my haircuts are done on dry hair to keep hair in its natural state. We will do each service and then shampoo and style if desired. I love inspiration pictures so don't hesitate to bring them with you. 


I cannot wait to meet you!





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Please note: All haircutting services have to be combined with a hair color or extension service, no exceptions Please note due to high client volume it may take up to 4 business days to recieve a response

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