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  • Does having dirty hair for the hair service extend the life of the color?
    Actually having dirty hair can keep the color from fully penetrating the hair and can cause inconsistent results. Please come to your appointment with clean, dry hair.
  • Is there a certain time that I should wait to wash my hair after a color service?
    No, hair color is shampooed the day that it is applied in the salon to ensure the color service is completed. Hair should not be rewashed that same day as its not necessary.
  • How should I prepare my hair for my appointment?
    Please come to your appointment with clean and dry hair, hair doesnt need to be freshly washed that day. Ideally your hair should be free of buildup and product to avoid interference with the color. Please avoid overly scrubbing you rscalp as the color can cause irritiation if your scalp is irritated prior.
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