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My name is Lauren. I’m a hair artist based out of Charlotte, North Carolina (Fort Mill), who specializes in extensions and color. 


I’ve been obsessed with hair all of my life and always knew this would be my career.  In the 7th grade I started doing my family's hair and when I was 15 I had started making my own clip in extensions.  Flash forward and I’ve now been in the industry for 10 years, and my passion for my craft along with my desire to always be learning and bettering myself, are only growing. 


Educating myself with the most updated methods and latest in trends/techniques is a priority for me and I absolutely love a good challenge. I believe each challenge presents me with the opportunity to grow.


I’ve been fortunate to have established my career in many different areas of the U.S.  I grew up in Ohio, but moved to the west coast, where I went to beauty school. I was first licensed in Arizona, but then moved back east, and then south (to chase the sun!).


All of my moves have been with my husband of 11 years, Jordan.  Along the way we’ve had 4 children (Aubrey, Parker & Graham, our twin toddlers & our little toddler Madeline).  Our life is full of adventure which is just how I like it.  We love doing anything outdoors and I am a peloton addict. 


If you’ve made it this far through my bio, good for you!  I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me and I can not wait to have you in my studio so I can learn a bit about you too!

I will see you soon!

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